Software-Defined WAN

A method for enabling flexibility, cost reduction, and redundancy by virtualizing WAN connections.
  • Flexibility: Virtualized WAN connections enable scalable and dynamic routing, which optimizes performance.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimization enables businesses to leverage inexpensive broadband connections.
  • Redundancy: When multiple WAN connections are available customers have built-in redundancy for mission critical cloud-based applications.

SD-WAN Deployment:

While most businesses with multiple sites have connectivity (historically MPLS), few have automated network redundancy. The advantages of SD-WAN are its ability to offload bandwidth from existing MPLS and private lines while enabling optimization and automated failover in the event of a connection failure.
SD-WAN Advantages-​
Key benefits of SD-WAN Solutions:

Optimized SD-WAN Performance:

ZeroOutages SD-WAN ensures 24/7 uptime between offices with our Site2Site technology.

Optimized SD-WAN Performance:

ZeroOutages dynamic routing functionality will always pick the best path for mission critical applications.

Improved Security:

MPLS and other private line connections incorporate ZERO security. SD-WAN solutions can leverage AES / 3DES encryption to secure customer data.
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