National Long Distance and Local Access - Bringing India Closer

ANI Broadband is a National Long Distance (NLD) Service provider in India. National Long Distance (NLD) telecom services are provided for calls and text messages across national Region. NLD service is network carriage services which provide national and cross-border connectivity, and services to the network operated by national carrier providers. Furthermore, NLD service include calls or messages originating or terminating from one region to another and provisioning of international bandwidth require for calls. In addition, with increasing smartphone penetration, NLD service provider are using mobile applications to integrate the NLD services with the traditional home phones and provide applications based voice services.
Furthermore, NLD service provider have enabled direct phone calls for national and international long distances with better call quality and competitive call charges. The use of NLD telecom services is rising due to increasing demand for national and international long distance connectivity and rising demand for international communication services. Furthermore, businesses are expanding around the globe ANI Broadband offers seamless data and voice transmission across India with the help of robust network, touching even the remotest regions of the country. With over 17 years of experience and the appreciation we have garnered ever since, has motivated us to improve ourselves in terms of service and customer support.

Features and Benefits:

  • Point of Interconnectivity (POI) using Media Gateways with majority of existing Telecom Operators.
  • NLD backbone has been rolled out in locations covering all major circles of India.
  • A future proof technology enabling ANI Broadband to launch various Value Added Services (VAS) as and when market demands.
  • Competitive price.

Why choose NLD services

  • Pan-India connectivity to thousands of sites
  • Bandwidth in 100 Gip multiples
  • Very high resiliency, Low latency, Lower cost per bit, 100G+ ready
  • Partner of choice for Global carriers with large India Bandwidth requirements
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