Network Consultancy

Proven high level methodology of consult , Design, Implement and Manage stages

With a foundation of network infrastructure and experience of integrating cloud solutions the APSU network consulting team is able to assist customers with lifecycle services in each area or a hybrid of the two. With a proven high level methodology of Consult, Design, Implement and Manage stages, APSU’s accredited consultants assist customers with a range of network requirements.


This area includes the discovery of customer networks with regard to infrastructure upgrade and migration projects or specific network issues. It can involve a range of network audit services (see below) or more focused investigation with associated recommendations. This stage is usually a pre cursor to a network design.


Design services are underpinned with specific accreditation such as Cisco Design Professional combined with a broad experience of design requirements and solutions. Most APSU designs are a hybrid of existing successful solutions built up on the right level of detail from the Consult phase.


Implementation Consultancy ranges from point network configuration and supply services to large deployment and managed service transitions. All such work is managed by a PRINCE accredited project manager or coordinator to ensure deployment, timescale and risk is controlled and communicated to the customer.


After a project is delivered or transitioned APSU can continue to manage and support the solution. Operation is handed over from delivery consultants to our NOC to ensure systems are monitored, maintained and reviewed to ensure they are up to date, secure and perform as customers evolve use of the solution. (link to Network Managed Services)
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