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We are the fastest growing ISP, internet provider & Technology consultant offering you the best price for your telephone connections and Internet connections. The Telecommunication provides by us just not a traditional technology, it’s the Unified Communication System which providing the features and facilities which is more than a simple telephonic conversations. It has a wide feature range which ensures the presence, reachability, Availability, portability and advance mode of communication. We make Solutions with Easy collaboration & High Productivity to provide the fastest and Interruption- Free Internet speed plans with very affordable charges. Being a leading independent ISPs in India, ANI Broadband offers high speed Internet and voice services through various state-of-the-art delivery platforms to residential, SME and corporate customers in Delhi / NCR Region. As a part of its growth plans, ANI Broadband is rapidly expanding its presence in other cities across the country.ANI Broadband Promises to Deliver Best-in-Class Products and Services, Enhanced by extensive in house research and development capabilities.

About Founder

ANI Broadband is another, on the Quality time supported broadband organization established by Expert Mr. Rajeev Garg, the independent director of company having business experience in telecom industry since 2002 and brings a wealth of expertise from each the general public and personal sectors. Later he founded ANI Broadband Service Pvt. Ltd. In 2017 aspires to be one among India’s Fastest growing internet service provider & Technology Consultant. Its parent company i.e. ANI Network Pvt. Ltd. that was also established in 2002 by Mr. Rajeev Garg is one among India’s Preferred company for providing Fastened Wireless Broadband services. Both companies operated by its independent Director Mr. Rajeev Garg.

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